Progressive Lifestyle Transformation Platform

Providing health and wellness tools that empower individuals, families and communities to transform and manage healthy lifestyles

Micro Communities

Expert-guided micro communities provide a private online venue for engagement, knowledge exchange and community support

Mobile Engagement

Bidirectional engagement anywhere, anytime. Immediate access to help, support and information whenever it is needed.

Personalized Content

Engagements tailored to the needs of a specific individual or cohort. Content designed to INFORM, ENGAGE, EMPOWER and SUPPORT.

Data & Analytics

Big data collection and analytics enabling faster and effective data-to-decision


Access to guidance. One-to-one, one-to-many interaction platform with lifestyle coaches.

Self Tracking

Seamless integration with self tracking devices. Device data fully integrated with system data and analytics for data-to-decision

Your Brand

You have built your brand and trust with your customers. We’d like you to keep it that way. Rebrand the Motion Nexus platform and make it yours.